Who I Work With

As a transformational life coach, I work with a wide range of clients. Lots of different people turn to me for help with putting their life back on track and taking control of their emotions. This means I could be helping the CEO of a big company one day and assisting a self-employed musician the next. My supportive approach to life coaching means that the same techniques can be applied in many different professional contexts. I am equally at home life coaching ex-military personnel as I am supporting people who have never held down a job. In every walk of life, there are people who can with help unlock their full potential. As such, I will work with anyone to help them achieve their goals.

When people have physical ailments they would like to be treated, my work as a Reiki practitioner comes into play. Of course, Reiki treatments can augment my work as a transformational life coach but they can also be offered separately. As a therapy, Reiki channels our inner energy, known as chakras, to help rebalance its flow through our bodies. By using a variety of Reiki techniques including stimulating the flow of this energy, I am manifestly able to heal people and to put their bodies on more of an even keel. This means that as a Reiki practitioner, I am able to deal with many ailments, both chronic conditions and more short-term medical problems. People with conditions like stomach upsets, anxiety and depression, migraines and high blood pressure will often find that Reiki is a suitable treatment method for them. However, this is just an example of the sorts of conditions I have helped people with – there are many, many more.

As a somatic body coach, I work on both the body and the mind to help people to become their authentic selves. This means being able to work with my clients closely so that they gain more insights into somatic awareness and to acquire certain somatic practices – such as breathing techniques, for example. People who ask themselves questions like, “What is going on for me now?” and, “What sensations in my body are leading me to feel this way?” tend to be the sort of people that are looking for the outcomes somatic body coaching can deliver. In my experience, it is not just people who are stuck on these sorts of questions who can benefit, however. For example, some people who feel disconnected may not truly know what they feel. As such, somatic body coaching can help them to find out what is actually going on and what they might need. This is because the brain will sometimes give one answer but the body will reveal quite another. So, if you have a nagging doubt that something isn’t quite right but you cannot figure it out, then we can go into the body and find the answer even if we don’t have the right question! This means somatic body coaching can help people from many different walks of life, backgrounds and outward appearances. What they tend to have in common, however, is the desire to allow the emergent self to develop.

Regardless of the sort of people I work with and what their backgrounds might be, I am able to bring my skills as a Reiki practitioner and a somatic body coach to the work I do as a transformational life coach. Everyone has the potential to benefit from my skillset. In particular, I would like to add that my personal story, one that meant facing up to the effects of narcissistic abuse and codependency, means I have real insights into these issues. I have successfully helped people who have suffered narcissistic abuse by helping them to understand what they are dealing with or what sort of emotional abuse they suffered from in the past. I can help you to form better boundaries and to gain a healthier perspective on your relationships by removing faulty lenses or points of view. My work facilitates a greater sense of self-worth and this has been shown time and again with people I have worked with, some of whom have survived similar experiences to my own. In fact, my personal experiences can be invaluable as a specialist dealing with codependency issues, too. I would encourage anyone who recognises some of the issues of narcissistic abuse and codependency I have touched on here to reach out to me.