What is it?

Developed over a hundred years ago, Reiki draws on Oriental teaching that is much older. It aims to rebalance the body and mind by addressing the energy that flows through everyone – in fact, the whole universe. Reiki channels higher powers and a qualified Reiki practitioner will often place their hands close to your body without touching you to do so. This is the one thing that many people who know little about Reiki will recognise about it. However, Reiki practitioners work in different ways and will use intentionality to channel universal energy in a manner that is often unique to them. My preference is to use hands-on Reiki techniques but I can work without touching, too, if preferred.

How can it help you?

Reiki can help with both physical and psychological ailments. People who suffer from certain anxiety disorders, for instance, will often find its long-lasting effects to be calming. It can promote greater confidence and help you to feel better if you are suffering from a disease or a long-term physical condition.