Why I might not be the right coach for you

As a professional life coach, I take my responsibilities to my clients very seriously. That is why – whether I am acting in the role of a somatic body coach or as a Reiki practitioner – I want to help you achieve long-lasting results. By investing in one another, the time and energy that is expended during sessions with my clients can even lead to life-changing results. To put it simply, to reach your full potential, it is necessary for us to gel with one another. As a truly transformational life coach, I am looking to effect real change. Consequently, I am not the right coach for you if you want something less substantial. In fairness, many people do want to work around the edges and get a short-term boost. That is fine, but it is not what I am about. My friendly and supportive approach is here for the long-term and to help get to the root of issues in your life.

In summary, I want to break through some of the big barriers to progress and to achieve enlightening “ah-ha!” moments with you. There is no way you can wave a magic wand to achieve these sorts of results. Generally speaking, quick fixes achieve short-term results. My focus and passion, on the other hand, is to get compelling results because I truly care that we work together to get you to where you want to be in your life, mind, body and soul. In short, I am at my best when I work with clients who have the determination and the raw grit to do whatever it takes to get where they want to be. There may be a little pain on the road to getting there – for example, by fully addressing issues like codependency or narcissistic abuse, to name but two matters – but by fully exploring the patterns in your life, we can make great strides. So, as I say, I am not the right practitioner for everyone but if you are looking for a genuinely transformational life coach, then do not hesitate to reach out to me.