My Approach

I believe that people are not broken or weak. In fact, people who reach out to a Reiki practitioner or a transformational life coach, like me, are simply asking for assistance. They want to get where they want to be and refuse to be held back – accepting the way things are. My approach starts out on the fundamental basis that anyone who has sought this sort of help is strong, not weak. My supportive approach acknowledges what a big – strong – step it is to seek help in the first place.

Of course, everyone has potential but it is often not fully acknowledged that we sometimes don’t achieve this potential because we get stuck or have problematic childhood programming. It takes a dynamic, determined and good deal of character to face up to this. That’s why I support people to overcome what is holding them back, to face their inner battles and their fears and to smash through their barriers. The work I do is not always easy or straightforward but the rewards are high and worth the battle. I have been there myself and speak from experience.

In my approach, I will work with you to look at you from a sub-conscious level. The sub-conscious plays a major role in all of our lives. However, if we are not sufficiently aware of how it is impacting in our lives, then we have no way of understanding the role it plays on us and how much it makes patterns out of our behaviour. By understanding the subconscious more fully, we get to understand how our ideas have formed. This is the key to making breakthroughs and finding new ways of being. Believe it or not, the sub-conscious is behind so much of what we do. By examining it in a friendly space, significant progress can be made.

If you want to proceed, my approach will mean that we will work together, reprogramming the mind and belief systems, to shatter old, negative thoughts and to put new and healthy ones in their place. This means no longer treading water and getting nowhere but taking control and becoming the person you want to be – achieving your true potential.

As you may have read elsewhere on my site, one of my professional specialisms is working with people who have been affected by the negative traits of narcissism – in particular, sufferers of narcissistic abuse – and who are, as a result, codependent. From my direct experience, I know that breakthroughs are most definitely achievable if you are willing to put the work in with me. I know it is often hard which is why my style is to be friendly and engaging so you are supported you throughout the process. Breaking the emotional shackles that bind you can be a reality so do make contact! Let’s have an informal chat to begin. I invite you to sit down and have a cup of tea, whether this is face-to-face, over the phone or communicating via other media. You will be glad you did!

I am based in Woking, UK. Based on your preference and/or geographical location I carry out sessions both face to face or via digital communications, both of which provide equally great results.

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