About Me

Pippa Doodson

Hi! I am Pippa Doodson, a transformational life coach. As someone who has a passion for supporting people to become the sort of person they want to be, I offer professional life coaching services to all sorts of people from every walk of life. I also conduct somatic body coaching and work as a Reiki practitioner. You can find out more about these services, as well as my work as a transformational life coach, in the services section of my website.

I am able to work with other professionals, such as other coaches and care providers, in a highly effective manner. Whether you are a psychologist or looking for someone who can provide therapeutic services for someone in your care, please get in touch to see how I work and what I can do for you. I have worked in senior management roles in the past, meaning you will find me a highly professional person to deal with.

Equally, I am able to provide high-quality transformational life coaching services to CEO’s, individuals, couples and family groups by bringing my supportive skills and powerful insight to bear on the factors that play a part in everyone’s lives. My approach is discussed more fully elsewhere on this site but to put it in a nutshell, I draw on my experience as a survivor of narcissistic abuse to provide a rounded and supportive service that helps everyone I work with to overcome past or current traumas and to achieve their true emotional potential.

Please bear in mind that I can combine my skills as a Reiki practitioner and as a somatic body coach to assist my work as a transformational body coach. I specialise in dealing with issues like codependency and narcissistic abuse but by no means am I only restricted to these areas. I can help to heal the mind and the body and draw on a much wider experience than working as a life coach. In fact, I have also worked as a Senior Project Manager in the offshore renewables industry which means I have all of the focus and drive that is needed to really deliver high performance results and beneficial outcomes. What makes me stand out is just how I go about this – by providing an affirmative environment that supports my clients’ emotional needs fully, allowing them to explore what it is that will help them to become the person they want to be.

Feel like something is holding you back or that you make the same mistakes in life? If so, I can help you to address why and to grow.